10 Best Tips to Find Travel ‘Write for Us’ Blogs

travel blogLooking for travel ‘write for us’ blogs? No problem, there are thousands if not millions online. But which to choose? What characteristics should they have? How to set up a filter so that only sites that accept content contributions appear on the results page?

We know the answers that will help you submit a guest post smoothly. By using the tips below, you’re going to have a comprehensive list of travel blogs at the end of your next search.

How to Get to the Best Travel Sites That Accept Guest Posts

The TOP-10 tips that will lead you to credible platforms about traveling are:

  1. Choose a niche.
    Do you offer airline tickets? Or maybe you have a blog on sustainable traveling? Choose a niche or two that are the closest to your business. You’ll need it to cooperate with blogs that will definitely bring you an audience.
  2. Learn about influencers.
    Find out who’s leading the niche, who’s second to best, etc. Later on, you may need them to enhance your backlink profile even better. Being a guest writer for the best blogger in the industry is big!
  3. Choose the right contact.
    When contacting blogs to find out about cooperation opportunities, choose the right person to contact. There may be one (the blogger) or several (them, assistants, content editors). In the first case, the answer is clear. In the second, though, it’s better to aim for the content editor, first of all.
  4. Make the right offer.
    Create a pitch beforehand. How are you going to ‘sell’ your content? How are you going to negotiate including a backlink? You’ll have to evaluate the website and know for sure what to write to its owner to get the place.
  5. Use Google Search special features.
    Don’t forget that if you put ‘submit guest post’, ‘write for us’, etc. in quotation marks (“”) will have the search engine look for the exact phrase rather than words one by one.
  6. Consider travel forums and Q&A platforms.
    Specialized forums and platforms can show you great websites where you don’t have a guest post yet. By the way, posting a valuable piece of information there with a link is also a good idea.
  7. Choose blogs close by tone and philosophy.
    You should resonate with the blog you want to work with. If it’s eco-friendly travel, make the focus on sustainability websites.
  8. Use special guest posting services.
    These services are a gold mine in terms of travel blogs. They have thousands of websites in their inventories, ready to accept your guest post and a backlink or two. Some will even offer to write guest posts for you!
  9. Consider the domain authority of blogs.
    Choose DA40+ and don’t opt for anything less. You need to move up with your backlink portfolio, right?
  10. Have successful email templates.
    Have a couple of well-adjusted templates that will act as a base for your communication with bloggers.

Once you have a list of travel blogs, go through it once again to make sure you have something to offer to them. Check conditions of guest posting, blog rules, etc. Or leave it all to experts and see how your links appear on TOP travel sites that accept guest posts!

Choose Suitable Travel Blogs to Submit a Guest Post to

While there are websites that seem perfect for your post, their tone or topic may be different. You may get a credible inbound link and improve the backlink profile, but it won’t help you get more traffic that will stay.

This makes it more difficult to look for proper sites to cooperate with. That’s why one of our recommendations is to turn to professionals. Link-building and guest-posting services are ready to write about adventure, air travel, and more, contributing content with your link to numerous DA40+ ‘write for us’ blogs on travel. Consider this opportunity!