How To Combine Studying And Remote Work: Guide To Succeed

Is it worth studying and working at the same time? Such a rhythm of life takes a lot of energy and is not suitable for everyone. You will pay less attention to yourself, and going out with friends will have to be postponed until the weekend. Often, working students miss classes, which can lead to problems in passing exams. 

What to do in such a situation? You can only combine remote work and studying at college or school. To do this, you need to adhere to several recommendations, and we’ll cover all of them. 

What Kind of Remote Work Is Easier to Combine With Your Studies?

Freelance is a convenient format for working remotely without the need to visit the workplace. Such employment with a flexible schedule allows you to work in comfortable conditions. The Internet is full of such jobs. Mostly, remote work requires copywriters, managers, SMM managers, transcriptionists, chat room operators. Many young students underestimate their skills, so they don’t send in their resumes. 

If you are studying to be a designer, advertiser, programmer, architect, journalist, teacher, translator, you will have no problem finding a job on the Internet. Perhaps you will be interested in the field of digital marketing or search engine promotion sites. These are promising areas in which you can work remotely.

Remember, most companies now do test jobs. You may be the person who can do the test better than anyone else.

The fact is that there are a lot of vacancies on the web and the advantage is often given to students because young professionals aren’t asking a lot for their work and perform tasks quite well.

For example, you are trained to become a web designer and programmer. You can easily find work in a small online project and on a permanent basis to perform tasks for the customer – to make layouts for web pages, site design, implement ready-made ideas and offer developments in the layout of homepages. Besides, such positions get you money frequently, after every new assignment.

If you perform the work for the customer correctly, you will receive a payment on your e-wallet. Then, you can withdraw the money and cover daily expenses. The main thing is to negotiate in advance all the terms of the order and payment. 

How To Combine Study And Remote Work

  1. Set your priorities. Sooner or later you will have to choose between your studies and your work. You need to be clear about what is more important to you. Perhaps if everything works out great at work, it is worth considering distance learning.
  2. Plan your time. As a rule, working students’ problems begin during exams. Bad grades accumulate over the semester and need to be corrected. To make this period easier, you need to learn how to plan. Schedule your working week by the hour. This way you will know when you can rest, when to devote time to homework, and when you can work quietly. This will make it easier, and you may even have time for walks with friends.
  3. Don’t think about work at lectures and vice versa. Give yourself a break and focus on one thing at a time. When you scatter your attention to several tasks at once, it’s not efficient.
  4. Consider stress management.
    Stress management will help you always stay afloat, no matter how large the load from studies and work it. By living through stressful situations properly, you’ll increase the quality of living by much. 


Working remotely from home offers many advantages for college or high school students. First, you can work several hours a day without taking a break from your studies. Second, you can find a job fairly quickly. Then, the work can be abandoned at any second, when exams begin. It’s also convenient that you don’t get paid once a month but when the work is done. As a result, you’ll always have money.

Freelancing for students also has its disadvantages: high competition, difficulties at the start since you need to get certain skills to make money.

Despite the disadvantages, working remotely from home can be a great way to make money for a student, the main thing is to choose your niche for work. Take care of a good reputation on the freelancing exchange and be responsible for your tasks.